Amanda’s Story

Once upon a time, an accountant by the name of Amanda Neophytou, discovered her passion for cake decorating. What was it that had her hooked? Was it the challenge of being able to create what most can’t? Or maybe it was the challenge of being able to simply look at a picture or photo and transform it into edible 3D art? The incredible skill that went into defying the laws of gravity had Amanda hooked and she had begun her journey towards Baked on Burlington.


Born and raised in Melbourne, Australia, Amanda’s first ever cake was a stellar and unforgettable effort, made all the more memorable because it was made for her own engagement party back in 2003. At the time, Amanda was focused on completing her Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting. This meant that she didn’t make her next cake until her own daughter’s first birthday party. From that point onwards, Amanda was the ‘go-to’ mother when it came to creating cakes for all of the little munchkins in her life.

Meanwhile, she continued her accounting career and her love of creating fabulous cakes made for the perfect hobby.

Amanda was hospitalised for 6 weeks while pregnant with her son who waved hello to the world 6 weeks early. After his birth, she returned home and word spread far and wide about her delicious creations and although her reach was extending beyond family and friends, she returned to work as an accountant.

This time around though, her return to accounting was destined to be short-lived and Baked on Burlington was born. Weddings, engagements, kid’s parties… there’s no occasion that Amanda and her team can’t create an amazing cake for. Psst… ask her about her carved 3D and gravity defying cakes (they’re her personal favourites).


Amanda’s achievements to date say everything. In 2013, she was approached to make a milestone birthday cake and cake pops for Mr Blass from Wolf Blass Wines. The cake was presented at a function by the talented Kate Ceberano.

A year later, Amanda found herself creating a cake for Fifi Box and the ‘21st Fifi Never Had’ event organised by Fox FM. Amanda found herself in her element as she was given artistic rights to put together a concept according to Fox FM’s brief.

Now, Amanda is taking her business to the next level and is determined to build Baked on Burlington’s reputation so that it’s renowned both within and outside of the cake decorating community. She’s also very keen to establish herself as a prominent blogger within the industry (so watch this space).